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I'm Kaela and I used to be the-i-in-reunion and before that I was the-i-in-hiatus

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there are no 
raindrops on roses and girls in white dresses;
it’s sleeping with roaches
and taking best guesses at the shade of the sheets before all the stains
and a few more of your least favourite things


on one hand feminism does help men but on the other hand i want men to finally get it through their heads that a social movement doesn’t have to be aimed at benefiting them to be worthwhile

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i took a video of my sims woohooing in the hot tub with the nude mosaic removed and now i can’t stop laughing

damn that’s some good ass sex right there


Are the Sprouse brothers even real





what do you call a message sent by a girl?

*sighs* what

a feMAIL

i got 7 messages saying this joke is offensive & that i’m the reason feminism exists

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ginasfs - fall out boy



travie mccoy is so important travie mccoy ain’t never done a thing to hurt nobody he’s just a cool dude who likes doing his music and his art and chilling out god bless travie mccoy

remember when he bashed a dudes teeth in for shouting racial slurs at warped? and pete got divorced so he flew out to cali to live with him for a bit and make art? and wrote songs about bullying and specifically homophobic bullying? i’d back travie through anything

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  • Woman: I'm smart
  • Patriarchy: Well you're probably ugly then
  • Woman: I'm creative
  • Patriarchy: You mean unattractive right?
  • Woman: I have all these incredible accomplishments
  • Patriarchy: Yeah but look how ugly you looked doing them
  • Woman: I have value
  • Patriarchy: Not if you're ugly lol
  • Woman: I'm conventionally-attractive & posted selfies on my blog
  • Patriarchy: I'm so sick of these empty-headed chicks only caring about their looks. Just because you are attractive and get attention from men doesn't mean you are special or deserve respect. Why don't you read a book or do something productive with your life you dumb slut

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How To Deal With Awkward Situations…


Band members and their opinions of ryden butt sex

my mad fat diary meme
seven scenes [3/7]


brendon urie: all these songs are deeply personal 

brendon urie: they’re like pages from my diary

brendon urie: except for the one about bisexuality

brendon urie: that’s about some random bisexual girl

brendon urie: not me

brendon urie: ha ha ha ha

fandom: we know, brendon. we know.

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toucans freak me out cus thats like THERI WHOEL MOUTH


without it its just



there will come a day when i will stop reblogging this, but today is not the day.

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"Condoms don’t work."

"Your first time is supposed to hurt."

"It’s not really sex if there’s no penetration."

"Girls don’t masturbate."


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